A framework agreement is the basis for all aspects of cooperation between you, as a finance interim manager, and FIN-Consultants. Parties who  cooperate on a project every day should have the freedom to arrange their own contractual conditions. We are convinced that partners who work together should directly contract together. Therefore, Finance interim managers and the assigning company will contract directly in the case of an assignment. This provides the greatest possible transparency, openness, and flexibility. We would be happy to assist you with the procedure.

Besides your professional expertise and your qualification as an entrepreneur, ongoing communication and an active relationship are important to us. Let us know where you are at. We provide a lot of opportunities to meet. Seize the opportunity to strengthen our relationship level. Fairness and constructive cooperation are also crucial to us and should be an important personality aspect of yours. It makes working and sharing time together much easier.

The first step. Contact us. Send us your résumé. After that, we would like to meet you in person and get to know you. If you are professionally and personally qualified, we welcome you to our network. From then on, you will receive ongoing information about suitable projects and other activities.

Yes. A large number of assignments are generated out of the finance interim managers' network, e.g., if an finance interim manager is already booked, or the task does not exactly meet his/her professional experience or personal expectations (location, time of assignment, sector, etc.). In cases such as these, our commission agreement would go into effect. This possibility also covers positions in the HR sector. Our sister company HR-Consultants is in charge of this.

The FIN-Consultant team has worked operatively in HR & Finance functions for years. We are passionate about HR & Finance management. Due to our experience, we meet our business partners on the same level. With our professional expertise and seniority, we are able to convince clients as well as HR & Finance interim managers. Therefore, we are able to successfully position ourselves as a niche provider in the market of interim management.

HR-Consultants - a company of HR-Consultants GmbH - is specialized in interim management and filling permanent positions in the HR area.
www.hr-consultants.de - info@hr-consultants.de

We would be happy to help you. We know exactly what is important, and will work together with you to quickly determine if interim management is the right form of work for you. Just talk with us!

Ihr HR- und FIN-Consultants Winterbote 20…

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, der Winter kommt nochmal richtig in Fahrt. Das Wetter bleibt spannend und abwechslungsreich, genauso wie unser jährlicher Winterbote! Jetzt weiterlesen!

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