Interim management in the finance area is the temporary positioning of staff and line functions with an experienced finance interim manager, for example:

  • for temporary support of the job-holder
  • to bridge vacancies (e.g. after dismissals)
  • for substitution in case of parental leave, sabbatical, or in the event of illness
  • for demand of specialized finance know-how (e.g. for project tasks, restructuring, or reorganization)

Hand-chosen and experienced finance interim managers with different specializations and orientations in business, function and hierarchy level. Especially for your business.
One solution. For a limited time.

The process of the finance interim solution:

  • joint development of the requirement profile
  • matching with the FIN-Consultants interim pool (over 650 freelancers, excellently qualified finance managers and specialists)
  • presentation of the interim managers
  • assignment and support of the interim manager
  • evaluation of the cooperation

Equipped with the necessary know-how, the required practical experience, and – very importantly – the matching personality.
Flexible and readily available.

We support you. During the entire project duration, we provide assistance to you, your business and the finance interim manager.
We provide the view of an independent third party on cooperation and performance.
After the end of the project, we analyze – together with you and the finance interim manager – the outcome, as well as the manner of cooperation, to assess the result and process-quality.

How does the cooperation between you and the finance interim manager work?

Our preferred model is the direct connection:

You conclude a contract directly with the assigned finance interim manager. This ensures that the job execution maintains flexible and runs according to the wishes of you and the finance interim manager.
Of course we are happy to assist you in developing the terms of a contract.

Plainly speaking: You get exactly what you need. Exactly when you need it.

And the best thing about it:

The transparency – no provision or fee for you!
The recruitment of an finance interim manager by FIN-Consultants is free of charge for you!

Except for an agreed upon fee for the finance interim manager, no additional fees or provisions apply.

We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligations about the potentials of an finance interim manager.

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